Legal Expertise

Antenuptial Agreements

The proprietary consequences of a marriage in South Africa is regulated by the Matrimonial Property Act 88 of 1984 (“the Act”).

The Act prescribes two matrimonial systems and to decide which one should be applicable to your marriage is the first and most important decision that you as a couple will have to make. It is the first step in ensuring effective management of your wealth portfolio. It is therefore important to fully understand the legal consequences of the matrimonial system you will choose.

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Part and partial of being successful in building a wealth portfolio is planning, especially for that time you will not be around to ensure that your family is financially cared for. In such times it is critical that you have a legal firm with the required experience and expertise to represent you and your family ensuring that your assets are protected.
This is where we can assist you.

With our years of experience in the law of succession we will ensure that your best interests are kept in mind at all times.

In this regard we offer the following services:

Estate planning advice;

Drafting and updating your Will;

Estate administration from assessing the validity of the Will to finalising the estate. This include, amongst other things, the lodging of income tax forms, settling obligations of creditors, the transferring of shares, movable and immovable property or any other assets of the estate. The heirs, bequests, beneficiaries and creditors will be kept informed at all times throughout the process;

Formation and registration of Trusts, both Inter Vivos and Testamentary, as well as Trust governance and administration;

Curatorship applications and administration, including the preparation of annual curatorship accounts.

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Corporate and Commercial

In today’s regulated environment, businesses constantly find themselves tied up with complexed challenges. Therefore it so important to have adequate legal backing to ensure that your business complies with relevant legislation and regulations. With the stringent economic turmoil of the business world, you have to ensure that your business is protected by having well negotiated contracts in place, ensure compliancy, manage risk, follow due diligence and set-up procurement policies, to name but a few.

Why risk loosing focus on doing business if you can appoint the right law firm to ensure your business needs are covered?

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